Nicky Bell bereavement


I work closely with The Green Funeral Company in supporting the bereaved through the twists and turns of the grieving process. I have had the honour of working closely with many people through the depths of loss and separation, it is a privilege to be invited in for support at such a vulnerable time in peoples lives. 

It has been reflected to me that my experience and knowledge in this arena creates a safe enviroment for the emotions that can often overwhelm at these times.

''It is impossible to create a good counsellor or therapist. They can be taught technique or trained in theory, but they must be born to it to fully inhabit the role. Nicky Bell is such a person. When our work (as funeral directors) presents us with stories of unimaginable sadness peoples whose lives have been radically and permanently altered, we know that Nicky Bell has the compassion and creative insight to truly help. We have always had total confidence in her ability, courage and commitment and are extremely proud to be associated with her. She is a warm flame of reassurance in this scary world."

Rupert and Claire Calander of The Green Funeral Company